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Learn something new with Laura Torres!

Photo Courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

Clay Critters
Polymer clay is squishable, comes in dozens of colors, and hardens permanently once it's baked. Have your children try their sculpting skills on this zoo of supereasy critters!


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Tiny Clay Treats
Made from colorful polymer clay, these miniature bakeshop sweets are easy for little fingers to mold, and so lifelike, kids will want to try making -- and then baking -- every one.

Photo Courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

Plaster Pals
Mention plaster cloth, and it's hard not to think of a cast covered with signatures and get-well messages. But this easy-to-use material has moved from the doctor's office to craft supply shelves, making a name for itself as a versatile and durable sculpting medium. 

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A Haunted House Party
Picture this, if you dare. It's just after dark on Halloween and you're standing outside a spooky house. The door squeaks open mysteriously. A dim shape flits overhead. Is it a bird or a bat? Just as you begin to lose your nerve, a group of costumed kids shouts, "Happy Halloween! It's a party!" Sound like fun? You bet your broomstick.

Photo Courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

Countdown Snowman
With his jaunty cap, stick arms, and cute-as-a-button smile, this merry snowman will tirelessly announce to all passersby exactly how many days remain until the holidays. Change the numbers every morning, and he's sure to tantalize your friends and neighbors with anticipation, becoming the centerpiece of your street. Sturdy enough for your yard or front porch, he'll work just as well in your entryway or by the fireplace.